About Difficult By P

About Difficult By P


Difficult represents Swedish suit design that is built on many years of experience in the clothing and fashion industry. We use Italian fabrics of the highest possible quality that will give you a special touch that will make everyday a little more fun and exciting.


Difficult now also manufactures leather jackets (produced by Jofama), sweatshirts and t-shirts in Sweden.

We work according to P's ideas, thoughts and design, with influences from all around the world. We rely on only the best of experience in Swedish suit making through the hands of Janne Frick and his colleagues at Cavaliere in Borås. We work with fabrics of the highest quality on the market from Italy's, and the world's, most reputable suppliers. We base our craftsmanship on many years of experience, care and accuracy and we do not compromise quality for anything - whether it comes to the fabrics, seams, or the slightest little detail such as a button or a seam in the inner pocket.

We create suits for the modern man, 18 or 77 years old, 62 or 110 kg. We do not just make a black or a grey suit, we create a black or a grey suit that gives you that little extra - that will also fit you perfectly and is made of the highest of quality.


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